Different Perspectives is a yearly festival about artistic video games, taking place in Het Bos, Antwerp, Belgium.

Games are an art form.
While you might be a gaming fanatic, or just know video games from seeing them when your (grand) children or that one friend is playing, we are very excited to get the chance to show to you that games are as diverse as any other art form.
We are proud to present a wide variety of activities, from talks, parties, and an exhibition.

About this year’s theme and exhibition

Last year we showcased an exhibition with autobiographical video games that showed how interactivity can be an outlet of artistic self expression. This year, the festival is centered around the theme "Together". Games can be a wonderful shared experience. The interaction design of a computer game brings people together, regardless of their background, location, or interests. When done well, the shared experience of a game can be a powerful and fun tool for bringing people together, and creating connections between individuals that would normally not meet.

Different Perspectives is a gathering of gaming enthusiasts, artists, designers, and developers who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what video games can be.

Not familiar with games? No problem! We welcome everyone with an open mind and cultural interest. We make sure anyone can discover the artistic potential of the 21st century's most revolutionary medium.

The Team

Different Perspectives Festival is a collaboration between REVEAL game studio and Het Bos.

Festival Director Pepijn Willekens
Graphic design and visual identity June Osselaer and Esther Vandenbroele
Scenography Esther Vandenbroele
Exhibition games and speaking program curation Pepijn Willekens and Geert Nellen
Music program curation Grégory Abels and Matthias Willemen
Production Margot Coremans and Pepijn Willekens
Het Bos Joery Scheepers, Margot Coremans, Grégory Abels, Josine De Roover, Charlotte Jacobs
Web development Bert Willekens
Special thanks Maxim Delaere, Céline Veltman, Sander Vanhove, KOPERGIETERY, Lucas Dewulf , Ventilatieland


For any press-related inquiries, email Joery Scheepers.

REVEAL game studio BV
VAT BE0793.759.413
Liersesteenweg 244, 2640 Mortsel, BE