Live Bitkroeg Podcast

The Flemish gaming podcast Bitkroeg will take over the Bosbar, to tap the barrel to the last drop of video game talk. Join in for their first live, in person, podcast where you get to meet local game developers through a ‘Devtig Gesprek’.

Bitkroeg Podcast

Bitkroeg Podcast

Een Devtig gesprek
Saturday 20 May @ 13:00 – 15:00

During a Devtig Gesprek, Bitkroeg sits down with the developer(s) of various games. A highlight for the podcast and the listener, since a personal touch is given to the creative minds behind the game.

For this episode, Bitkroeg will be talking with Céline Veltman, a passionate and multidisciplinary designer of traditional, interactive, and digital art. She loves the creation of arts, astronomy, bouldering and forests. Céline Veltman did design work on the DLC of Hidden Folks, art direction of the games Simmiland 2 and The Tinies, and is currently making a cosmic playground game, called Curiosmos.

Note: The Bitkroeg Podcast is in Dutch.
Hosted by Jade “Princess Lettuce” Van Overmeir and Fabian "Berserkr".

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