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To celebrate the opening & closing of the festival, the breathtaking artists Avondlicht and Namid & Sondervan will take over.

On the 18th of May, Different Perspectives Festival opens its doors at Het Bos. On this opening night, Avondlicht takes the stage with a multidimensional live show through his hyperromantic universe.

We end the festival with Namid & Sondervan, who will perform their beautiful blend of jazz and electronic music on the closing night, the 28th of May.

Opening Night

Opening Night

Thu 18 May, 22:00 @ Het Bos

Avondlicht is the brainchild of Antwerpian electronic musician and producer Matthias Dziwak. His ever emotive sound - dark and broken, yet soothing - floats within a wide spectrum of musical genres, ranging from breaks-influenced dance music and contemporary classical to post-rock, ambient and experimental electronica. Avondlicht is bringing an immersive audiovisual experience to the public in collaboration with visual arts collective Tulpa. This multidimensional live show offers an in-depth journey into his hyperromantic universe.

€ 8 online / € 10 at the door

Closing Night

Closing Night

Namid & Sondervan
Sun 28 May, 20:30 @ Het Bos

Namid & Sondervan is a collaboration between jazz quartet Namid and live coder Dago Sondervan. They can’t be simply described. The merger of Vincent Brijs’ saxophones, the double bass of Fré Madou, Sara Meyer’s alto sax, Maarten Moesen’s drums and the live-coded electronics of Dago Sondervan, has brought into being a new sort of fusion. Their debut album is like a rhizomatic cyber-attack of quantum melodics flowing in all directions, constantly interconnecting, creating new universes at every junction. Squarepusher, Sun Ra and Moondog on a collision course. Headfirst into the future.

€ 13 online / € 15 at the door

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